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Our Rooms

​"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

We provide childcare facilities for children ranging from 0-11 years. We have 4 rooms to accommodate each age group

'Nestlings' 0-2 Years Baby Room


Our Baby room accommodates babies from 0-2 years, the children explore in a safe and secure environment, run by a team of dedicated staff.


The room is light and spacious and children can freely access the toys and activities, therefore ensuring that their development is carefully aided.


Children explore various activities, treasure baskets, sensory experiences, which includes sand, water, painting activities, food play, and play.


There are lots of opportunities for physical activity, through dancing, our permanent baby gym and our soft play equipment with our spacious floor area. 


Children have fun joining in with singing and signing activities giving plenty of time to develop their language skills.


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Nestlings 0-2 Years
Discovers 2-3 Years Toddler Room

'Discoverers' 2-3 Years Toddler Room

In this room there is a dedicated and caring team of staff who look after and use their knowledge and skills to help the children develop to their full potential.


Children in this room have a well equipped room, which accommodates up to 15 children. It is a light and spacious room and is a smaller version of the Pre-School room.


Children can freely access the toys and activities and it gives them opportunities to learn how to use and look after the toys and equipment.


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3-4 Years Preschool


In this room there is a dedicated and caring team of staff who look after and use their knowledge and skills to help the children develop to their full potential.


It is designed for children between 3 and 4 years old. It is two rooms but the children have easy access to both of them. 


The rooms are divided into zones; we have a home corner, a role play area, a communication friendly space, a computer area, book corner, creative and sensory experience area, a writing/mark making area, a small world area, construction area and a physical area. 


The children have the opportunity to access the snack area throughout the session.


After the free play session, children start to have set times and they come together in their key person groups where a focused activity is planned to build on their ability to explore as a team. Here children learn skills in the prime areas of Personal and Social Development, Communication & Language and Physical Development.


This is where children can refine the skills and qualities they will need to enable a smooth transition from nursery to school.


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3-4 Years Preschool
0-11 Years Afterschool & Holiday Club
0-11 Years After School & Holiday Club


Our After School Club caters for children from 4 years (Reception) to 11 years (year 6).


The after school session runs from between 3.15pm and 6.00pm and children can be collected at anytime during these times.


We are also open during the holidays from 7.30am – 6.00pm with different sessions available and fees set accordingly.


The children choose from a wide range of activities including cooking, model making, creative activities, outdoor play and many more.


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