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Little Firs Mission

Welcome to Little Firs Childcare & Nursery. Our mission is to provide a happy, stimulating and secure environment following the Every child Matters five outcome framework, which provides the highest standard of care and education for all the children

Our Main Aim is to provide an enriched and enabling environment in which children are able to thrive and grow and develop into independent and confident children that are able to meet their full potential and become learners for life, ensuring they are ready for school..

Parents Zone

Discover what your little one has been busy learning today with our Parents Zone. 

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Our News

Nestlings Under 2's

Children explore various activities, treasure baskets, sensory experiences which includes, sand water, painting activities, food play, and heuristic play.

Discoverers 2-3's

Children can freely access the toys and activities. It gives the opportunities to learn how to use and look after the toys and equipment.

Preschool 3-4's

2 adjoining rooms divided into zones; we have a home corner, a role play area, a communication friendly space, a computer area, book corner...

After School & Holiday Club 0-11's

Our  after school session runs from between 3.15pm and 6.00pm

Holidays from 7.30am – 6.00pm


Online Creative Learning Tools & Games

As part of the Little Firs learning mission we offer a range of Creative Learning Tools & Games for all Little Firs members. Parents can use these tools  at home to  encourage them to continue their development.

The Looking Game

Activity helps:


Maths & Puzzles 

Make A picture

Activity helps:


Making Choices





Space Counting Quiz

Activity helps:

Maths - Counting 


Pre-historic Adventures

Activity helps:

Emotions Behaviour 

Understanding the world

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